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# For Sponsored Post (Charge: $30)

You are able to submit your unique article & we are able to include 1 outgoing link. From your author bio page or do follow/contextual link.

You have to send us for review:
1. Article Topic
2. Article Title

We will review and select the article topic and ensure that it meets the following criteria:
High Quality
Pass Copyscape
Smart Writing
100% original
Relevant Topic
400+ words with images

We receive a lot of requests for the sponsored post but we can’t surety a response. If we accept your post, we will let you know. Thanks

# For Featured Listing (Charge: $20)

WordPress Themes or Plugin or Web Template, you can choose anyone. You can also let me know your item description and image. If not sent we are able to write it for you.
Note:- If your item has added to our blog already but you would like to move it as featured (no:01) then $20 will be the charge. If 1 or additional things added as featured, then the item is going to be further as second or third otherwise you will attempt to upgrade that is able to charge you additional $10.

# For Standard Listing (Charge: $15)

Choose your item from (Web Templates, WordPress Themes, Plugins, etc). You can list any post or collection you want. You can also let me know your post description or image. If you are not able to provide we will try to write it.
Note:- Your items will be added as per as quality. Most of the time we choose to add from one-ten.
We try to update all of our posts or collections in 150 to 200 days. We will place your item for life and will not remove your item, but the posts will get down silently (for all Featured and Standard Listing).

# Below Title – Banner (Charge: $79/month)

Banner size will be 300×250 / 336×280. If you want to set your banner ad just under the title in the blog section.

# Sticky Sidebar – Banner(Charge: $49/month)

Banner size will be 300×250 / 300×600 / 336×280. If you want to set your banner ad of our blog section in the sticky sidebar.

# Sidebar Top – Banner (Charge: $39/month)

Banner size will be 300×250 / 336×280. If you want to set your banner ad on top of our blog section sidebar.

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